2019 Camry

The Sleekest Sedan on the Block

When you’re looking for a stylish ride, the 2019 Camry fits the bill. This sporty sedan got a complete redesign last year with even more features being added to this year’s model. The all-new Camry combines the trustworthy engineering that made this car famous in the first place with a much more exciting exterior, interior and engine -- including several hybrid options for those looking for a great vehicle that’s also Earth-friendly.

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2019 toyota camry interior

Travel Safely -- Even in the Yukon

One of the many welcomed enhancements to the new Camry is the addition of driver assistance technology. The 2019 model includes Toyota Safety Sense P with features like Dynamic Cruise Control, Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection and Lane Departure Alert. This suite of systems gives you peace of mind by working along with you as you drive to ensure both you and your passengers stay as safe as possible during travel.

But Toyota doesn’t stop at just one safety system. The 2019 Camry also comes with the Star Safety System, equipping you with traction control, an anti-lock brake system and Smart Stop Technology.

A Premium Infotainment Experience

Elevate your drive with the benefits of Toyota’s EnTune Infotainment Centre. The 2019 Camry comes loaded with the latest version of EnTune, bringing along with it perks like pre-downloaded apps specifically for driving, Emergency Assistance and Scout GPS link. On premium plans, you’ll also get the luxury of having access to live agents that can recommend locations near you and provide directions using Destination Assist.

Enjoy even more bonuses in the new Camry like Apple CarPlay and 10” Head Up Display -- a feature that shows you important info like speed and travel direction right on your windshield! It’s awesome details like this that make the 2019 Camry an innovative evolution from the sedan we’ve come to know through the decades.

toyota extra care protection

Protection as the Years Pass

A fact that has stayed true with each new Camry redesign is that these cars are built to last. Ensure that your vehicle’s future is smooth sailing with Toyota’s comprehensive warranties and Extra Care Protection plans.

For gas-powered Camrys, you’ll have peace of mind knowing many of your car’s major components are covered under a standard 3-year (60,000 km) warranty program that can be extended and cover even more parts with the addition of a gold or platinum Extra Care Protection plan. Hybrid Camrys receive even longer coverage with 8-year, 160,000km plans keeping your hybrid component protected. All plans also come with Roadside Assistance, so you never have to worry about getting stranded in the wilderness outside of Whitehorse.

“This is one of the most well-rounded cars in the class. It's easy to drive, fuel-efficient, and loaded with technology. It also boasts an impressive predicted reliability rating… The Camry’s best-in-class combination of quality and value led us to name it our 2019 Best Midsize Car for the Money.”

- USNews.com

2019 toyota camry hybrid

Camrys Fit for Whitehorse

There’s no doubt about it -- the 2019 Camry is a desirable machine. The entire vehicle was lowered and widened, giving it a stance that swiftly glides at high speeds. Expect welcomed surprises under the hood as well, like the addition of direct shift auto transmission, racing-style shift paddles, and a 3.5L V6 option that dishes out an impressive 301 hp! Clearly, this cruiser isn’t your uncle’s old Camry. Even the fuel-saving Camry Hybrid brings the power with its 201 hp 2.5L engine working in harmony alongside an Electronically Controlled Continuously Variable Transmission. Paired with gorgeous trim options like red leather seats and a panoramic moonroof, the 2019 Camry really is a thing of beauty. Start your Camry experience today by visiting Whitehorse Toyota to get inside these incredible sedans.

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