Cruise Around with Corolla


Toyota’s longstanding sedan favourite is back for 2020 and looking better than ever. Corolla has been crafted to deliver the optimum driving experience while still giving Whitehorse drivers incredible value paired with Toyota’s unmatched reliability. Take on the Great North the greener way thanks to Corolla Hybrid or opt for the all-new Nightshade package to get the sleekest sedan on the block.

2020 toyota corolla interior

Maximize What Your Car can Do

With Corolla, everything you need for a great ride is at your fingertips. Take on the Northern tundra with features like Apple CarPlay, a Qi wireless charger and Scout GPS or up the ante and have your own on-call live assistant with Destination Assist Connect. 

Into smart features that keep you safe even on long treks out on Highway 2? 2020 Corolla comes standard with Toyota Safety Sense -- an entire group of systems that work with you as you drive so you stay in your lane and at the right speed no matter what life throws your way. Should your airbags go off, Safety Connect by Toyota Connected Services will ensure that help is contacted and sent your way should you need it.

Be Kind to the Planet

Worried about the environment? Corolla Hybrid has you covered. Whether you’re commuting into the city or you’re looking for ways to reduce your footprint, this sedan delivers incredible fuel economy (4.5L per 100 km, to be exact) while pumping out 121 horsepower so you can enjoy the journey while doing the right thing. Another trait that makes 2020 Corolla Hybrid easy to love? It recharges itself as you drive so you never even have to plug it in.

2020 toyota corolla exterior

The Gift that Keeps on Giving 

What makes Toyota stand out from the crowd? Sure, Corolla is durable and has a reputation for being reliable. It’s even been known to keep on going after maxing out the odometer counter, but that’s not the only way that Toyota takes care of their customers. 2020 Corolla features a comprehensive warranty with coverage that goes all the way up to 240,000 km or 10 years for hybrid owners and 100,000 km or 5 years for strictly gas powertrains. With protection like that, you’ll be able to enjoy your Corolla for years to come.

“With ... mainstream styling, impressive mileage and reasonable prices, the Corolla Hybrid should have wide appeal. Shoppers looking for an affordable, fuel-efficient compact sedan will want to add it to their list.”

Begin Your Journey with Corolla

Our team at Whitehorse Toyota is ready to help you find the right Corolla for your lifestyle. We’ll help you find the right tires to make your sedan winter-worthy and walk you through all of the awesome features that come with each 2020 Corolla trim line. Book your test drive today or start shopping through our current inventory below!


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