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By: Kat Andri   |   20 Jul 2018
Toyota Tundra with a splash of water

Keeping a clean vehicle can sometimes be hard.

Between soccer practice, dinner with friends, and getting to and from work, there’s always something being tossed in the back seat or stored for later. On top of that, here in Whitehorse we truly experience every season. Salty and dirty winter roads, summer grass clippings, and wet springs. Today, we’re talking detailing.

What should be detailed when I clean my car?

Seasonal dirt and grime are key. The thing to remember when cleaning your car is that it isn't just about making your car look great. Keeping your vehicle clean can prolong its life and prevent parts from breaking down. Salt is one of the worst culprits when it comes to vehicle body rust, as well as undercarriage and part rust. Ensuring that salt is removed during, and after winter can play a key role in extending your vehicle’s life and preventing rust. Beyond just harming the metal parts of your vehicle, salt can fade carpets and fabric, making them unsightly and occasionally requiring replacement. Why buy new floor mats when yours could be kept spick and span?

From rain to snow, dirt and grime, removing it all will keep your car clean and prevent mould build up. Moisture is the enemy, and keeping it at bay is best. Think about the parts of yourself and the environment that touch the ground, such as your shoes, and think about where they touch your vehicle. Keep your door panels clean, fabrics and floor mats scrubbed, windshield streak-free, and you’ll be off to a great start.

What is Toyota Touch?

Vehicle detailing is like a fancy way of saying that you’re cleaning your car—inside and out. Here at Whitehorse Toyota, there are varying levels of detailing based on your needs. Our well-known service is called Toyota Touch.



A thorough detailing includes an exterior wash of your vehicle, carpet shampooing, vacuum, and washing other vehicle components. We have packages ranging from deluxe to ultimate. We’re able to remove pet hair, and even shampoo cigarette smells out of your vehicle. We clean glass components with automotive-specific cleaners and take care of your instrument panel so that it looks like it did the day your car came home from the dealership.

deluxpremium ultimate

What other vehicle upkeep should I clean?

When we’re cleaning our cars for summer road trips or a family adventure to grandma’s, we need to keep safety in mind as well. Toyotas are some of the safest vehicles around. With that being said, regular maintenance makes them even safer. Here is a quick checklist to consider before hitting the open road:

Check Fluids: are they topped up? Oil, washer fluid, and antifreeze

CheckEngine light: is it off or on? Make sure you’re safely cruising

CheckTires: are you driving on the right tires for the season? Using the right seasonal tires prevents uneven wear patterns and is crucial for on-road safety

CheckTire pressure: The tires say their manufacturer-recommended tire pressure on them, so there’s no excuse for under or over-inflated tires!

CheckCharging: If you’re driving an electric vehicle, top up when you can. Always keep your battery (e-car or not) charged, and your electronics are in safe,operable condition.

That’s the scoop! If you want to get your vehicle ready so that you can venture out without a worry in the world, try our Toyota Touch service. Every package we offer comes with a mechanical inspection to make sure that your vehicle is safe and road-ready, all while getting it cleaned up like it is off to a wedding.


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