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At Toyota, we have our eyes set on the future. Anyone lucky enough to live in the Yukon can appreciate what’s so special about the untamed wilderness that surrounds us. Whitehorse Toyota is committed to helping preserve our corner of the country by supplying the community with some of the best hybrid vehicles on the market.

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Hybrids to Get Excited About

Though it wasn’t always the case, hybrid models are now at the forefront of vehicle development and technology. More time and thought are being put into these cars, crossovers and SUVs than ever before, and nowhere is that more true than at the think tanks of Toyota. Our engineers have been working on hybrid versions of all of our best-selling models, as you can see from the 2019 Toyota lineup.

Better yet, while these vehicles focus on blending gas power with electricity, they also pack on the horsepower in the process. That means that the hybrid siblings of all the Toyotas you know and love not only go easy on your wallet (and the Earth), but they are wildly fun to drive as well.

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How Hybrids Work

Curious to find out exactly why Toyota’s hybrid models are so efficient? Every stage of the driving experience has been examined to find ways to cut down on fuel consumption. Starting up the vehicle uses only battery energy, while acceleration is a blend of both electric and gas power. When it’s time to slow down, the electric motor does all of the work to conserve even more fuel, as it does when the vehicle is backing up. Throughout the drive, any excess energy is used to charge the battery, removing the need for you to plug your Toyota in while parked.

That being said, we do offer one model (the Prius Prime) which uses a plug to maximize fuel economy to a mind-blowing 1.8 Le/100km of driving. Compared to other plug-in cars, the Prius takes the cake with a short charge time of 5 hours and 30 minutes (2 hours and 10 minutes if you have a 240 V outlet).

Hybrids for Yukon Life

Want in on green technology but don't know how it translates to life in Whitehorse? With Toyota, you never have to compromise. We offer Hybrid Highlander and RAV4 SUVs -- perfect for trekking around the unpredictable terrain of the North. There's even an all-wheel-drive Prius Hybrid up for grabs that will make your commute completely affordable, no matter how many kilometres you have to clock. Also in our lineup, enjoy a comfortable drive in the Hybrid Corolla and Camry models. Have peace of mind with your hybrid investment knowing Toyota provides 8 years (or 160,000 kms) of warranty coverage on our electric components.

If you're ready to see how great green driving can be, come and see us at Whitehorse Toyota or shop through our inventory below.

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