How Far Can Your Toyota Take You?

By: Whitehorse Toyota   |   02 May 2022

For decades the Toyota brand has been celebrated for its sleek design, formidable powertrains, reliability, and forward-thinking tech and safety features. But above all else, when it comes to a Toyota, you can always count on its impressive fuel efficiency. Whether your daily commutes take you across town or frequently take road trips on the weekends, having an economical vehicle – gas or hybrid – DFG is incredibly important for Whitehorse drivers. That’s why Toyota’s reputation for dependable fuel economy makes them the perfect option. But how far can a Toyota really take you? While fuel economy is one way to gauge the range of your car, you also need to consider the size of the fuel tank. After all, even if a car is super efficient, that doesn’t help you too much if you need to keep refilling it due to a small fuel tank. So, considering these two factors, we’ve explored a few best-selling Toyota models to see which have the longest driving range.

Toyota Landcruiser

The Toyota Landcruiser is a star SUV that outranks nearly every other model out there. For starters, its tank capacity is much higher than other vehicles at a whopping 150 litres. So, on a full tank, it's no surprise that the Landcruiser can take you as far as 1875km at about 8 L/100km. That’s about the distance from Whitehorse all the way to Alberta!


Toyota CH-R

By contract with a substantially smaller tank capacity of just 60 litres, the CH-R might seem a little underwhelming. But even on a full tank, this showstopping SUV can take you as far as 938km at around 6.4 L/100km. Feeling like a quick trip to the Northern Rockies? The CH-R will get you there without needing to stop at the pump!


Toyota RAV4

RAV4 lovers know their favourite SUV is no stranger to weekend offroading adventures. And with a tank capacity of 55 litres, it’s the perfect companion for exploring the great unknown. Go as far as 846km while dripping 6.5L/100km. That’ll get you all the way to Watson Lake and back with zero gas stops.



It's no secret that vehicles which run on petrol or diesel have lower ranges than electric or hybrid alternatives. Thankfully, hybrid technology is just another thing that Toyota does so well! Sure the Prius has a tank capacity of just 43 litres, but it’ll take you as far as 1265 km while sipping a mere 3.4 L/100km. The Corolla Hybrid’s tank moves just about the same and can take you up to 1229km before needing a top-up. The Camry Hybrid sports a larger tank capacity of 50 litres and can carry you as far as 1190 km!



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